Exhibitions are probably the oldest form of marketing. Since the ancient Greeks gathered in Agora to trade, exhibitions and trade fairs have played a key role in bringing buyers and sellers together.

Modern forms of communications contribute to the marketing process but for the vast majority of purchases, from major investments to spontaneous acquisitions, face to face, person to person interaction still works best.

Unlike any other form of advertising or promotion, exhibitions provide direct interaction with your target audience helping you generate a real awareness of your offering, form relationships with new customers, generate quality business leads and additional sales both during and after the event.

Live Events Change Minds and achieve lasting product or brand awareness and recognition.

Exhibitions are real Business Generators which provide accurate targeting for almost any product or service.

Returns from exhibiting compare favorably with any other media – Click Here for recent research.

Whether you are responsible for a marketing department or an entire commercial enterprise, exhibitions can play an important role in helping you:

• Market Your Products
• Develop Brand Awareness
• Interact With Your Target Audience
• Meet New Prospects
• Generate Sales Leads
• Increase Sales Volumes
• Learn What Your Customers Think Of You and Your Products

Training for Exhibitors:

Over 270 delegates registered for the recent Exhibition Open Day – a focused, no-nonsense opportunity to show how live events and exhibitions in particular, can work for you.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Simon Naudi of Answers Training, one of the most experienced trainers worldwide in the live event industry.

The first half of the session was about what exhibitions have to offer and how they work. The second half was about making exhibitions work for you once you have decided to participate.


*Research links courtesy of FaceTime

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